What are the ways to perpetuate the crime scene?

360 video photogrammetry

There are multiple concepts referring to the crime scene. Still, a large part of the criminal doctrine converges in that it constitutes that geographical space in which an act of criminal relevance has occurred and that requires investigation.


In this article, we will discuss all you need to perpetuate a crime scene through reconstruction and several analyses. Also, we will let you know the forensic tech tool you can use for proper and sharp analysis.

What is perpetuating?

According to the dictionary, to perpetuate constitutes the act of making something perennial, for which perennial, in turn, has three meanings: Continuous, Incessant, and that it does not have intermission.


From the criminalistic point of view, to perpetuate is to ensure in time and space the relevant characteristics that the crime scene presents, to know exactly the location of the relics, and, even more, to be able to carry out over time. That is a crime scene reconstruction that helps to infer the development of the facts matter of investigation.


We will also add that perpetuation serves as a source of guarantee that covers everything mentioned in the documents carried out in the framework of the investigation. This is in addition to illustrating in a practical way the justice operators and the parties about the place of the facts.

Ways to perpetuate the crime scene

Criminalistics has not been aliened to the evolution of knowledge, even more so to the application of new methods and techniques that come from the use of more sophisticated instruments that help in the investigation of criminal acts so that currently the crime scene can be perpetuated through the following forms:


  • Photography,
  • Written description,
  • planimetry,
  • filming and
  • three-dimensional reconstruction», which is why we will go on to develop each one of them.



It constitutes that means applied to criminalistic work that provides a better appreciation of the place and its components, all through the use of light, and that is captured in two dimensions.


Set of technical knowledge that allows the use of appropriate procedures to fix latent and permanent images that indicate the original characteristics of a place of intervention. Details can be material evidence or people related to an alleged criminal act. It results from carrying out a narrative using a specific technique with its respective criminalistic methodology.


Likewise, we must remember that photography is not only used to illustrate but also that this form of perpetuation is used to carry out studies. Due to their nature and composition, many indications cannot be collected at the crime scene. Still, they can be photographed and taken to the laboratory, where they will be analyzed using forensic image enhancement software free.


As a sample of those mentioned above, it could be a fingerprint with paint on a wall. Since it cannot be collected or transferred, it can be photographed under the necessary and established standards and then taken to the laboratory for study.

360 video photogrammetry
360 video photogrammetry

Another virtue of photography is that it serves as a source of information since digital photography has been used to date. By the way, it is stored on the cloud, thus providing us with data such as conditions, mode, date, time, and other details, which makes the actions of the justice operators who go to the crime scene transparent.


It includes a mechanism for audio and video recording of the crime scene, being a more practical and easy-to-use form.


The same rules must govern the filming as forensic photography. A logical order must be followed to illustrate better the facts to whoever observes it. It would be best to record the accesses to the scene before it is processed, the evidence that is fixed, and the technical procedures carried out in its processing using video authentication software.


It should be noted that this way of perpetuating keeps the same guarantees as photography, as long as it is digital, since the details of time, date, and other information will be enhanced and not altered.

Three-dimensional reconstruction

It constitutes the result of the application of the most advanced technology and equipment to criminalistics. They will not only reconstruct the crime scene in terms of shapes but will also provide three-dimensional animations of the facts investigated. This is the best method and often shows the 360 video photogrammetry of the area.


The forms of perpetuation include those mechanisms that complement each other to illustrate to the justice operators and the parties’ conditions and characteristics relevant to the investigation and present at the crime scene.


Reason for which these subjects will no longer have to imagine what the crime scene was like since they will be able to perceive it through photography, written description, planimetry, and three-dimensional reconstruction. A forensic tech tool that can achieve all we have discussed and clear out a faded background is the MC2 (My Cognitech Cloud).

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