How to Find the Best Massage Deals in NYC?

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Getting a massage regularly in New York City can be expensive, with sessions routinely costing $100 or more. However, with a little research and determination, it’s possible to find great massage deals on treatments in NYC. Follow these tips to uncover the best discounts and value on therapeutic massages in Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond.

Check Resort & Hotel Spas – Many high-end hotels and resorts in NYC offer surprisingly affordable massage specials in their spa facilities, sometimes starting as low as $75-$80 for a 60-minute massage. Even luxurious midtown spas can have great deals, so check online specials and signup for their email lists.

Ask About Group ons & Living social – Group buying sites like Groupon and Living social periodically feature discounted massage vouchers in NYC. They typically offer 25%-50% off 1-2 60 or 90-minute massages at participating spas and wellness centers to attract new clients. Sign up for their email alerts to catch the next offers.

Seek Out Medical Centers – Some hospitals, rehab facilities and network medical groups in NYC provide low-cost massage by trained therapists. These treatments are often subsidized to support patients’ recovery and wellbeing. Ask your doctor for referrals or search online for community health centers offering affordable massage therapy.

Look for Student Clinics – Massage schools in NYC — like the Swedish Institute andMyovibe — operate student clinics that offer massages by supervised massage therapy interns at discounted prices. Typical rates range from $20-$60 for 60- and 90-minute massages with available appointments during school semesters.

Request Groupon Gift Cards – If someone has an unused Groupon for a massage in NYC, ask if they would gift the voucher to you instead of letting it go to waste. You can redeem the deal for significant savings on your next therapeutic session. Friends, family and coworkers may have unwanted vouchers they’re happy to pass along.

Inquire About Loyalty Programs – Some major massage franchises and spa chains in NYC — like Massage Envy, Elements, and Spa Castle — provide discounted memberships with savings on every treatment. Regular clients also accumulate points for free massages over time. Ask about loyalty programs the next time you book an appointment.

Conclusion: With a little savvy shopping and resourcefulness, it’s possible to find affordable massage deals to keep up your self-care practice while living in expensive NYC. Compare special offers from resort spas, Groupon vouchers, student clinics and medical facilities. Inquire about loyalty programs and unused Groupon gifts to unlock amazing value on therapeutic massages in Manhattan. Staying proactive and informed can help relieve tension, improve mood and support overall wellbeing in the Big Apple — all without blowing your budget on exorbitant massage rates. Make today the day you start searching for the best New York massage bargains to fit your wallet. Your mind and body will thank you! Get ready to get massage NYC.

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